Atama Mundial BJJ Gi - Blue

This is the successor to one of the most popular BJJ gis, the mundial #7. Atama took feedback from customers and decided the Mundial bjj gi needed a facelift.

The Atama Mundial Model #9 uses the same material and cut as the previous Mundial model, but has a new embroidery colour scheme. Atama have used one piece of "Corioca Weave" material which means there is no seam or skirt on the Mundial model #9, making this gi very comfortable whilst playing guard.

The Atama Mundial also boasts ripstop collars and pants. This fabric provides the Mundial gi with increased strength to provide a high level of resistance to tears whilst minimizing the weight of the gi.

The tapered body and sleeves featured in the Atama Mundial offer a minimal amount of gi for your opponent to grab. The shoulders are also uniquely cut to allow for unrestricted mobility of the upper body.

The Atama Mundial Model #9, makes for a perfect training and competition BJJ gi which is built to out perform its rivals when faced with the wear and tear of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.




157cm to 165cm

50kg to 64kg


165cm to 175cm

64kg to 77kg


175cm to 185cm

77kg to 91kg


183cm to 193cm

91kg to 113kg