Redback Fightwear Gold Web BJJ Gi - White

Redback Fightwear is an Australian owned brand which focuses on bringing great quality BJJ gis to Australia at fantastic prices.

Feedback was taken from their previous model to build on their products. Customers said they wanted a light Gold Weave gi and suitable for competition with a thicker collar; here it is!

Most importantly, they have kept their prices much lower than other similar gis on the market.

The Gold Web BJJ Gi features the following:
- Soft 450gsm Gold Weave Jacket
- Light and strong Ripstop Pants
- Rope drawstring
- Re-enforced stress points for added durability
- Embroidered logos so there are no worries about patches ripping off
- Simple and clean design
- Nice and thick collar to hinder your opponents grips
- Taped seams for added durability and a touch of style

All these features make the Gold Web BJJ Gi a fantastic choice for competition and training, particularly for those on a bit of a budget or just starting out on their jiu jitsu journey.




160cm to 175cm

60kg to 75kg


175cm to 185cm

75kg to 85kg


185cm to 195cm

85kg to 95kg


195cm and up

90kg to 105kg